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Our mission is to provide the children of India with the necessary skills to face the challenges of the 21st century.

We aim at a vigorous Pursuit an excellence in academic, extra curricular activities, games and sports and character building by providing all around meaningful and liberal education. Our emphasis in to initiate and maintain strict discipline in every individual. To develop sense of responsibility cooperation generosity and obedience. To develop leadership quality and inculcate of labour. To develop on ethical, spiritual and althiuistic toward life.

Dinesh Kumar


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The school is a coeducational day school.It is an English Medium School. The school is located in Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh),Jkarkhand.It is a private school. Sangam Public School's mission is to provide education and to encourage 'Lateral', 'Creative 'and 'Innovative' thinking which would propel students towards a world of continuous change and empower them to manage their future.

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Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh)