The Learning Resource centre is the hub of all intellectual and academic activities of the school. The Library has a larger pool of resources viz. latest literature in fields as diverse as information technology, sciences and general Knowledge. Besides, Periodicals, Journals and references keep the students up-to-date with the latest. Students are encouraged to use the facility for facility for reference, studying and barrowing. The LRC is also equipped with a computer and curriculum-based CDs on all subjects for ready reference.

Living at L.S.A.

Boarding Rules

Residential facilities are based on the principle of "Home away from home". Efforts are made to provide an atmosphere where the young minds grow rather than pamper them with luxury.

Computer Centre

In This day and age, Conversancy with computing is an essential component of education. Therefore, Computes are ubiquitous in the School and Students trained to use IT as a working tool, as naturally as they would use pen and paper. The info-tech centre has networked Internet really computer for students, connected to the teacher's master console. Other peripherals in the facility include printers, scanners and modems. Students will have accessed all these as and when required.

The Internet can conveniently be accessed through any of our computers thereby giving students the opportunity to tap the vast resource of knowledge available out there. Students can register on the system and have their own e-mail address.
The school Information technology laboratories are part of the highly sophisticated information technology network within the school.
The computer lab is well equipped with latest configuration computers. Sufficient computers are provided for each student.
Well-equipped laboratory for science and math is provided to develop practical ideas.

Hostel Facility

  • Separate Hostel Facility for boys and girls.
  • Hygienic food (On daily routine basis).
  • Clean and Healthy environment to live.
  • Pure mineral water supply.
  • Indoor and outdoor game weekly.
  • Tutorial classes, Co-curricular activities classes.

Activities Based Learning

One of the important aspects of a truly good education, particularly at the primary & middle school level, is that learning must be activity oriented, with plenty of practical work and provision for concrete learning experiences, rather than mere.

about us

The school is a coeducational day school.It is an English Medium School. The school is located in Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh),Jkarkhand.It is a private school. Sangam Public School's mission is to provide education and to encourage 'Lateral', 'Creative 'and 'Innovative' thinking which would propel students towards a world of continuous change and empower them to manage their future.

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Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh)