The SANGAM PUBLIC SCHOOL family has committed and qualified teachers and supporting staff whose passion for excellence is apparent in their domains. Their vast experience combined with the constant training offered to them at The SANGAM PUBLIC SCHOOL result in lessons being taught differently, children being encouraged to come up with creative responses, and showing that learning is fun and interactive. Outside the classroom our teachers act as guides and counsellors to our students, often helping them deal with "growing up" issues, further strengthening the bond between our students and the faculty. And this special relationship translates into The SANGAM PUBLIC SCHOOL becoming a happy centre of learning.

We ensure a quality environment in which a professional team of highly skilled academicians provide a broad based educational experience which acknowledges both the need of society and the potential of the child to contribute according to his/her own strengths and interests.

Meaningful Learning Environment

The Secondary educational program is taught in a meaningful milieu in ‘subject based classroom’. Classrooms are therefore assigned to subjects and their interiors are subject specific. Thus, the teachers have, immediately at hand, plenty of interest generating teaching aids, ranging from maps, charts and illustrations to computer software, books and models These classrooms themselves, consequent to the ambience created with subject specific displays, exhibits, books etc. serve to generate added student interest in respective subjects and enhance academy motivation.

Activities Based Learning

One of the important aspects of a truly good education, particularly at the primary & middle school level, is that learning must be activity oriented, with plenty of practical work and provision for concrete learning experiences, rather than mere bookish learning. Therefore, all academic facility interiors have been meticulously planned to allow plenty of individual activities and project work.


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The school is a coeducational day school.It is an English Medium School. The school is located in Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh),Jkarkhand.It is a private school. Sangam Public School's mission is to provide education and to encourage 'Lateral', 'Creative 'and 'Innovative' thinking which would propel students towards a world of continuous change and empower them to manage their future.

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Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh)