From Principal's Desk

Dear Parent,
we extend our warm and sincere grating and thanks you for kind interest in the school for in Indore mint of your ward a good team of teacher highly conversant with the subject matter related to their academic field are associated with this institution who are extended to impart the best knowledge to student a good deal of homework prepared in scientific manner will improve of the study students a large number of extra curricular activity in the field of drama music and Science and expected to take a final shape we have started our school for your ward in such a way and at a place where the atmosphere in healthy this will keep student away from noisy atmosphere of the society of that they have sufficient time to think our religious and cultural heritage also convenience is also available available for student these days yours to attend their classes from outside We want to impart that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increase, the intellects is extended arid one is able of stand on one's feet. The purpose of writing this letter to you is to get from you the support to our management, so that the institution get a full fledged dimension in all respects the institution get a full fledged dmission in all respect the insituation get a full fledged dimension in all respect.

Wish you all luck and success in life.

Mr. Perwez Alam


about us

The school is a coeducational day school.It is an English Medium School. The school is located in Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh),Jkarkhand.It is a private school. Sangam Public School's mission is to provide education and to encourage 'Lateral', 'Creative 'and 'Innovative' thinking which would propel students towards a world of continuous change and empower them to manage their future.

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Near N.T.P.C. Office,Thakur Mohallah,Barkagaon(Hazaribagh)